Class 10 English guide 2080 unit 12 | Kathmandu-Terai Madhesh Fast Track

Class 10 English guide 2080 unit 12 Kathmandu-Terai Madhesh Fast Track has the complete exercises and notes. it will be very helpful to the students.

Kathmandu-Terai Madhesh Fast Track

A. Complete the crossword puzzle below with the words from the text.

3. weak and without protection- vulnerable

5. the amount by which something is less than what is needed- deficit

6. to provide with a space- accommodation

8. events that cause great harm and misery- calamity

10. using new methods or ideas- innovative


1. things that limit or control what you can do- constrains

2. to make an action or a process possible or easier- facilitate

4. the state of being crowded- congestion

7. the physical movement of goods from one point to another- quarrying

9. to collect or increase something gradually- accumulate

B. Complete the following sentences choosing the best alternatives.

a. The total length in KTFT from Khokana to Niigadh is ………….

i. 72.5 km ii. 55.49 km iii. 10.60 kmi. 72.5 km

b. Nepal can reduce the consumption of petroleum products after completing KTFT as it……..

i. contributes to economic growth ii. enhances connectivity iii. shortens travel timeiii. shortens travel time

c. The main challenge of the project upon completion is…….

i. managing crowd in Kathmandu ii. controlling road accident iii. establishing link roadsiii. establishing link roads

d. According to the writer, the success on completing the project depends on …..

i. cost ii. technology iii. socio-economic benefitsii. technology

C. Answer these questions.

a. What type of project is Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track?Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track (KTFT) is a mega highway project of strategic importance in Nepal.

b. How is KTFT going to reduce the consumption of petrol in Nepal?KTFT is expected to reduce the consumption of petrol in Nepal by shortening travel time, thus reducing the need for long-distance travel and the associated fuel consumption.

c. Will this project help promote tourism in Nepal? How?Yes, this project will help promote tourism in Nepal. The enhanced connectivity provided by KTFT opens up a viable option for tourists coming to Nepal through the southern border. Additionally, tourists from India and beyond will have easier access to travel to Nepal via the fast track.

d. How does this project contribute to the development of high-skill human resource in Nepal?The development of high-skill human resources in Nepal is facilitated by the KTFT project through the introduction of new technologies and the construction of complicated structures like high bridges and twin tunnels. This project provides an opportunity for the Nepali people involved to enhance their knowledge and skills in these new technologies.

e. How does the project help the people living in the Eastern Terai?The project benefits the people living in the Eastern Terai by facilitating accessibility between Kathmandu and Nijgadh. It allows for shorter travel distances at higher speeds, benefiting various aspects such as health, education, job opportunities, and access to new markets. Additionally, the project helps to facilitate the Nijgadh International Airport, connecting it efficiently to the capital.

D. How is KTFT likely to affect the environment? Discuss.Construction of such a large infrastructure will adversely affect the environment. Some major effects during the construction phase can be the pollution of air by dust particles with the rock blasting, quarrying and dumping of filling particles. The deforestation during the period of construction can accumulate the air pollution which will be one of the major causes for environmental degradation.

Grammar I

A. Match the sentence halves in A with B to form sentences.

a. Hurry up! We’re leaving…….. – ii. in ten minutes.

b. They’ll be watching a movie in a theatre……. – iv. at this time next week.

c. We will have arrived home…..- v. by this time Sunday.

d. It’s definite. My friends and I are going to travel……..- iii. next winter.

e. I think he will be rich and famous…….. – i. one day

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

a. As per the schedule, the exam is going to start at exactly 11 o’clock.

b. See you at the airport! I will be carrying an orange suitcase.

c. Don’t worry! I won’t leave without you.

d. We definitely won’t have finished all the work by this week.

e. Sagun has decided that he is going to invite some of her friends for dinner after work.

f. Will the receptionist remember to call the students this afternoon?

g. What are you going to do at the weekend?

h. I won’t be working tomorrow so we can go shopping.

i. If you touch the stove, you will burn yourself.

j. Next week at this time we will be flying to Dubai for a trip.

Writing I

There may bo different development works ongoing in your community. Study one of them and write a report on it. Take text in Reading I as a sample.Title: Community Park Development Project: Enhancing Quality of Life


The Community Park Development Project is an ongoing initiative in our community aimed at creating a recreational space that fosters community engagement, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and enhances the overall quality of life for residents. This report examines the key features, benefits, and challenges associated with the project.


The Community Park Development Project brings numerous benefits to the community:

a) Improved Well-beingAccess to green spaces and recreational facilities promotes physical and mental well-being, allowing community members to engage in activities that reduce stress, enhance fitness levels, and improve overall health.

b) Social CohesionThe park provides a common space for community members to come together, fostering social interactions, cultural exchanges, and community bonding. It encourages a sense of unity and shared responsibility among residents.

c) Family-Friendly EnvironmentThe park offers a safe and inclusive environment for families, providing a range of activities that can be enjoyed by children, parents, and grandparents alike. This strengthens family ties and encourages healthy habits.

d) Enhanced Property ValuesThe presence of a well-maintained park can positively impact property values in the surrounding area, making it an attractive place to live for current and prospective residents.


While the Community Park Development Project offers numerous benefits, it also faces certain challenges:

a) Limited Space: Acquiring sufficient land for the park within the community may be a challenge, requiring careful urban planning and land allocation.

b) Funding

Securing adequate funding for the development and maintenance of the park can be a significant challenge. Community engagement and collaboration with local authorities, businesses, and organizations are essential in overcoming this hurdle.

c) Maintenance and Sustainability

Ensuring the long-term maintenance and sustainability of the park may pose challenges. This includes proper upkeep of facilities, regular landscaping, waste management, and ongoing community participation.


By providing green spaces, recreational facilities, and community gathering areas, the project contributes to physical and mental well-being, social cohesion, and an overall sense of community pride. While challenges exist, through effective planning, collaboration, and sustainable practices, the project can successfully address these hurdles and create a vibrant and thriving community park for present and future generations to enjoy.

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