Class 10 English Guide 2080 (NEW CURRICULUM) Complete

Class 10 English Guide 2080 contains complete chapter solutions from the class 10. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. Students can use this material to study, do homework and assignments. Click on the corresponding chapter name to go on that chapter’s solution.

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Unit-1 Current Affairs & Issues
IHow Driverless Cars Will Change Our World
IIOpen Letter To Un Secretary-General Antonio
Unit-2 Festival& Celebration
IBattle Of The Oranges
IIThanks Giving Around The Worlds
Unit-3 Health & Wellness
IA Letter From A Patient
IIA Healthy Diet For A Healthy Life
Unit-4 Work & Leisure
ICabbage White
IiLeave This Chanting & Singing
Unit-5 Science & Experiments
IYes, You Can Boil Water At Room Temperature
IIThe Voice Of The Rain
Unit-6 Foos & Cusine
IStrange Foods From Around The World
IIYou Inspire Others By Learning Not By Teaching
Unit-7 Cyber Security
IiCyber Security: Basic Internet Safety Tips
Unit-8 Hobbies & Interest
ICommon Habits
Unit-9 History & Culture
IPratap Malla
IIFlowers in Russian Cultures
Unit-10 Games & Sports
IThe First Olympic Games
IIThe Popularity of Different Sports in The World
Unit-11 Ethics & Morality
IWisdom of Little Girls
IIWorld Record [Drama]
Unit-12 Nature & Development
IKathmandu-Terai Madhes Fast Track
IIComposed Upon Westminister Bridge [Poem]
Unit-13 Population & Migration
IA Century of World Population Trends 1995-2050
IIDiscovering Migration: What Birds Reval
Unit-14 Travel & Adventure
IExpect the Unexpected
IIWeather [Poem]
Unit-15 People & Places
IMe at the Beginning of Life
IISugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts
Unit-16 Success & Celebration
IWalt Disney: An Example of Struggle & Success
IIIf [poem] by Rudyard Kipling
Unit-17 Countries & Towns
ILondon vs Paris
IIThe Country Mouse & City Mouse [Poem]
Unit-18 Media & Entertainment
IHachi: A Dog’s Tale
IIInteresting Social Media Stories
All Chapters [Comprehensive Resource for English Language and Literature Studies]
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Concerning the Class 10 English Guide 2080:

Class 10 English Guide 2080 - Comprehensive Resource for English Language and Literature Studies

For the academic year 2080, the STUDYNP is supplying Class 10 English guide 2080. A list of exercises, textbook solutions, and concise summaries of each chapter are all included in the notes. Clicking on the name of the associated chapter in any of the supplied links will take you to the page with the solutions to each chapter’s activities.

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A few remarks from the author of the guide:

I’m the manager and founder of the platform. I am aware that coming up with a thorough textbook response on your own is a challenging task. It takes a lot of time and work to produce thorough instructions like the Class 10 English Guide updated 2080 for the benefit of students who need help studying, doing assignments, and taking examinations.

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