Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 15 Exercise An Official Notice

Notice: Exercise of grade – 8

Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 15 Exercise An Official Notice complete exercises is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. You don’t have to face the hassle of finding right course curriculum. For Download link Subscribe blog and fb page.

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

a. rapid – iii. happening quickly or in a short period of time

b. infection – v. the act or process of causing or getting a disease

c. vaccination – iv. the act of giving a person a vaccine

d. arrangement – i. a plan made to do something

e. alternative – ii. a thing that can be chosen out of two or more possibilities

B. Answer these questions.

a. What is the notice about?

⇒ The notice is about the closure of all schools in Nepal from 27th Poush to 15th Magh due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 infection.

b. Why did the government decide to close all the schools?

⇒ The government decided to close all the schools in Nepal due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 infection. The infection has been spreading rapidly in recent days, and the government is concerned about the health and safety of students and teachers.

c. How long will the schools remain closed?

⇒ The schools will remain closed for about three weeks, from 27th Poush to 15th Magh.

d. What are the parents asked to do?

⇒ Parents are asked to contact schools and take their children for vaccination on the specified dates.

e. What are universities suggested about the examinations?

⇒ Universities are suggested to conduct pre-scheduled examinations following the public health and safety standards.

C. Imagine that a friend of yours was absent from the class on a particular day. Now, draft a message in your own words to communicate the notice to him or her.

Hey, Salina,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m writing to let you know that school was closed today due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 infection. The government has decided to close all schools across the country for about three weeks, from 27th Poush to 15th Magh.

I know you were absent from class today, so I wanted to let you know what happened. The teacher went over the syllabus for the new unit, and we started working on the first assignment. I’ll send you the notes and the assignment sheet later today.

I hope you’re feeling well and that you’re staying safe. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Talk to you soon,

[Your name]

Writing II

A. Write a short notice on behalf of your school about a one-day closure of the school. Give a reason in the notice as to why the school will remain closed.

Notice of School Closure

This is to inform all students and parents that our school will be closed on [date] due to a water main break. The water main break has caused significant disruption to the school’s water supply, and it is not safe for students to be in the building.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be working to repair the water main break as soon as possible.

In the meantime, students are encouraged to stay home and stay safe. We will be providing remote learning opportunities for students who are unable to attend school in person.

Thank you for your understanding.


[School name]

Grammar II

A. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the connectives given in the brackets.

a. Although she is very rich, she lives a simple life.

b. In spite of being ill, he wants to meet me.

c. Although she works carefully, she makes many mistakes.

d. I went to the grocery so that I could buy some rice.

e. She has got good grades; however, she has not passed the entrance test.

f. He ran away because he was afraid.

g. We did not go out because of the heavy rain.

h. Although it was hot, we went to play football.

i. She bought a book and a pencil.

j. He likes dancing, but he doesn’t like singing.

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