Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 9 Exercise of The Leap Between High School and College

Exercise of The Leap Between High School and College

Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 9 Exercise of The Leap Between High School and College complete exercises is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. You don’t have to face the hassle of finding right course curriculum. For Download link Subscribe blog and fb page.

Read the meanings given on the left and match them with the words on the right.

a thing that is accepted as true – vi. assumption

the cost required for something – iii. expense

the place where someone lives – iv. residence

a task assigned as fa course of study -i. assignment

arousing interest- vii. stimulating

testing one’s abiltiy – vi. challenging

in a way that is enough in quantity – ii. adequately

Answer these questions.

What do the students expect when they enter post-secondary education?

Students expect the experience to be the same as the one they had while at secondary school.

How is college more expensive?

College is more expensive because of tuition, rental costs, and textbooks.

Write three reasons why the college workload is more challenging.

– the task of having to complete more assignments

– the extra time that college students put into their work

– the final grades based on each assignment

What athletic challenges do college workload students face?

Students have to participate more in sports and club activities.

What should the students consider while entering college?

The students should consider cost, academic challenges, and social stimulation while entering the college.

In some aspects, a high school education might be more challenging than a college education. Think about some of the challenges and share in the class.

Here are some of the challenges of high school education in simple terms:

  • Wide range of courses: High school students have to take more courses than college students.
  • More standardized tests: High school students have to take more standardized tests than college students.
  • Less freedom: High school students have less freedom than college students.
  • More social pressure: High school students are under more social pressure than college students.


Complete the following sentences with the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives given in the box.

[crowded, high, heavy, slim, expensive, hard, bad, important, exciting, challenging]

I think health is ….more important… than money.

I cannot carry my bag. It’s …heavier… than yours.

I can afford to buy the …most expensive…. car in town.

You look …slimmer… than the last time I saw you. Have you lost weight?

I could not get a table in the restaurant. It was ….more crowded… than it usually is.

Which is the ..highest… peak in the world?

This is the …most exciting… movie I have ever watched. I really enjoyed it.

Your health is getting ….worse .. day by day. You should see a doctor.

I don’t understand this lesson. It is ..harder…. than the last one we did.

This is the …most challenging… task that I have ever done.

Writing I

Write a description of the two villages making a comparison based on the information given below.

Bhujung and Bhada – Exploring Gurung and Tharu Culture

Bhujung Village and Bhada Village are two distinct villages with their own unique characteristics and attractions.

Bhujung Village, located in Lamjung at an altitude of approximately 1700 meters, is a typical Gurung village with around 500 households. It is widely recognized as a popular tourist destination, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Gurung culture and experience warm hospitality. The village’s aesthetic charm lies in its traditional mud and stone houses with tile roofs. The picturesque landscape showcases breathtaking mountain views, terraced farmlands, and lush green forests. Additionally, Bhujung Village offers homestay services, enabling tourists to fully engage with the local culture.

In contrast, Bhada Village is a Tharu Homestay settlement situated around 12 kilometers away from the district headquarters in Kailali. The village comprises approximately 200 houses and offers a unique experience of the Tharu lifestyle and culture. It also attracts tourists, with the ideal time to visit being from mid-September to mid-December. Bhada Village stands out for its diverse Tharu cuisine, featuring dishes like Dhikri, Kheriya, Bariya, Panjra, crab, Ghonghi, pork, and mahogany liquor. The village’s vibrant atmosphere is enhanced by cultural dance performances, including Lathwa, Jhumra, Maghauta, and Sakhiya. Tourists have the opportunity to engage in homestay experiences with families like Joginya and Sahadeva. Nearby attractions include a lake and the Rameshwar Temple.

In summary, Bhujung Village is renowned for its Gurung culture and scenic beauty, while Bhada Village provides insights into the Tharu lifestyle, delectable cuisine, and cultural dances. Both villages offer homestay options, ensuring an authentic experience for visitors.

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