kathmandu Metropolitan City Scholarship Result Class 11

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kathmandu Metropolitan City Scholarship: The Class 11 Scholarship Entrance Exam, which was held on the date 2080-4-20, has preliminary results that have been issued by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. For pupils looking for scholarships to attend the institutional schools inside the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, this test functioned as a gateway.

Important Examination Highlights

  1. Out of the 6017 applicants whose applications were approved, 5162 students in total took the test.
  2. The preliminary results include candidates who achieved the minimum needed score.
  3. Candidates have the option to ask for a reevaluation if they are unhappy with the findings.

Re-Evaluation Application Process

  1. Any applicant who is dissatisfied with the findings may request a reevaluation at Kathmandu Plaza before 2080/04/22 during business hours.
  2. The applicant must attend in person and deposit Rs. 1000 into revenue account number 0012050061475038 of NIC ASIA Bank.
  3. When requesting a re-evaluation, candidates should bring a complete copy of their revenue receipt as evidence of payment.

Final outcomes and the application process

  • The final findings will be made public following the process of Re-evaluation.
  • Students will be suggested for admission using a matching technique based on the final results.
  • Based on their merit, this approach enables students to select the educational institution they desire.

Verifying Your Exam Status

By visiting the official Kathmandu government website and choosing “Check your Status” at entrance.kathmandu.gov.np, candidates may view their results and get their scorecard.

Contact Information

Candidates can get in touch with the Scholarship Examination Committee for more details or questions:

  • Phone: +977-1-4231481 (Chief), +977-1-4231429 (Vice-Chief), Fax: +977-1-4268509
  • Email: kmcmayor@mos.com.np, mayor@kathmandu.gov.np, ceo@kathmandu.gov.np
  • Official Website: www.kathmandu.gov.np
  • Postal Address: Postbox 8416, Kathmandu, Nepal

kathmandu Metropolitan City Scholarship Result Class 11

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