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Unit:- 4, Lesson:- 1 Human Trafficking: A Social Problem


Human Trafficking: A Social Problem

A.  Very short answer questions

1.  What do you understand by social problem?

Ans:- The bad practices and superstitious beliefs that have been created in our society and has become hindrance for development of society is called social problem.

2.  Why human trafficking is considered as social problem?

Ans:- Human trafficking is consider as social problem because it hindrances for development of human and whole society.

3.  Why human organ trafficking is increasing nowadays?

Ans:- Human organ trafficking is increasing nowadays because of unemployment, illiteracy and poverty.

4.  What legal provision had been made for the compensation to the victim of human trafficking? 

Ans:- The legal provision that has been made for the compensation to the victim of human trafficking is that they should be fixed and imprisoned according to their illegal works.

5.  Mention any two organizations working to solve the problem of girl trafficking?

Ans:- Maiti Nepal and Shakti Samuha are two organization working to solve the problem of girl trafficking.

6.  Prepare a slogan veto create awareness against human trafficking.


We human should not do inhumanitarian work

B.  Short answers questions.

1.  “Human trafficking is a serious problem”. Explain.

Ans:- Yes, human trafficking is a serious problem of an existing society. As, we all know that human trafficking is the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labour, taking out humans organs illegally and commercial sexual exploitation. In this way many of the innocent, poor and children are exploited by human trafficking and they do not get chance for their personal development and hence cannot do the development of society. Many of them who are exploited sexually do suicide themselves.

Many innocent women are also exploited sexually and which leads our society to face various problem. Because of this human trafficking people do not do job and human trafficker encourage others to do same. In this way if there will be human trafficking in society our society cannot develop.

2.  Why human trafficking is increasing in our society?

Ans:- Human trafficking is increasing in our society because of following reason:

i)  Poverty:- There is still poverty in our society and if the people do not get employment then they  involve themselves in illegal activities to earn income.

ii)  Illiteracy:- Illiterate people do not have clear idea about consequences of human trafficking and there also do not get job easily so they involve themselves in illegal activities.

iii)  Unemployment:- is also one of the major clause of women trafficking because when people do not get employment them family create pressure on them for basic needs. So to fulfill basic needs and demands of family they involve themselves in this trade.

iv)  Lake of awareness:- steel many people of our society and unawareness  and unconscious about UN sequence of human trafficking.

3.  What are the reasons of girls trafficking? Mention.

Ans:- The reasons of girls trafficking are mentioned below:

i)  It is done for business purpose by people to earn money.

ii)  It is done for sexual exploitation to the girls.

4.  How can women organ trafficking be controlled? Write in points.

Ans:- Human organ trafficking can be controlled by following measures:

i)  Making poverty elevation program effective.

ii)  Being aware about the bad intention of extracting organ in the name of treatment.

iii)  Appointing or arranging care taker for patient.

iv)  Increasing Health consciousness among people.

5.  What are the effects of human trafficking?

Ans:- The effect of human trafficking are listed below:

i)  The person may suffer from depression, fear, tension and distraction.

ii)  The person may feel self-humiliation and inferior and may commit suicide also.

iii)  The person may suffer from HIV/ AIDS which is a serious health problem.

iv)  Society can develop in rapid pace.

6.  Mention the legal provision of punishing the offender or women trafficking and transportation act?

Ans:- The legal provision of punishing the offender of human trafficking and transportation act are mentioned below:

i)  20 years imprisonment and a fine of rupees 200000 for selling or buying human being.

ii)  3 years imprisonment and a fine of rupees 200000 for 500000 for extracting human organ expect otherwise determined by law.

iii)  10 to 15 years imprisonment and a fine of rupees 5 lakh to 10 lakh for forcing into p*********** with or without financial benefit.

iv)  1 to 3 months imprisonment and a fine of rupees 2,000 to 5,000 for person engaged in p***********.

Unit:- 4, Lesson:- 2 Domestic Violence and Untouchability


Domestic Violence and Untouchability

A.  Very short Answer question.

1.  What do you mean by domestic violence?

Ans:- Physical, sexual and psychological violence occurring the family including battering, sexual abuse, dowry related violence, marital rape is called as domestic violence.

2.  What is your opinion regarding Untouchability?

Ans:- Untouchability is a social problem of existing society which makes social relationship weak and destroy harmony among people.

B.  Short answers questions.

1.  Write any four causes of domestic violence.

Ans:- Any four causes of domestic violence are listed below.

i)  Misunderstanding between husband and wife about their relationship.

ii)  Illegal relationship of husband or wife with someone else.

iv)  Lending and borrowing of property.

v)  Some social and superstitious practices such as  unmarital marriage, dowry system and child marriage etc.

2.  Mention the effects of domestic violence and measures to control it.

Ans:- The effects of domestic violence and measures to control it are mentioned below:-

Effects of domestic violence

i)  The person may involve in drug abuse and make commits suicide.

ii)  It decreases the excitement eagerness and enthusiasm in the person.

iii)  It creates negative impact on senior citizen and children in the family.

iv)  It creates social clash and causes loss of prestige, respect and value in the society.

Measures to control domestic violence

i)  Be civilized and remain in discipline.

ii)  Behave equally.

iii)  Establish equal ownership on the property.

iv)  Work as per the group decision.

Unit:- 4, Lesson:- 3 Some Bad Customs


Some Bad Customs

A.  Very short answer question.

 1.  Give any four examples of bad customs of Nepal.

Ans:- Any four examples of bad customs of Nepal are listed below:

i)  Ghumto pratha.

ii)  Deuki pratha.

iii)  Chhaupadi pratha.

iv)  Daijo pratha.

2.  What is Ghumto paratha?

Ans:- the custom of covering the face by a married woman with a ghumto is called Ghumto paratha.

3.  Who are Deukis?

Ans:- The girl who are offered to the temple for religious benefit are called Deukis.

4.  What is chhaupadi pratha? where does it prevail?

Ans:- The custom in which women have to live in Chhau Goth located apart from their home during mensurational period is Chhaupadi pratha. It prevail in rural areas of mid and far Western region of Nepal.

5.  Write your view in Jhuma pratha?

Ans:- Jhuma pratha is very bad practice of Sherpa community in which second daughter is offered to Gumba which obstruct their personal development.

B.  Short answer questions:

1.  “Dowry taking and giving are social crimes”. Justify

Ans:- Yes the given statement is absolutely true that down the only taking and giving both are the social crimes because as we all know that dowry is an illegal activity in which the father of girls should give the property to the father of son for her daughter’s marriage. Nowadays it has been challenging factor for our society. Many girls are deprived of marriage in today’s era only because their parents are unable to give dowry. Many girls used to suicide when their marriages are challenged because of dowry.

Both the diary giving and taking are crime. If all the parents of daughter stops giving dowry and tell the dowry takers that we will him then this matter can be eliminated for our society. As we all know that marriage is a basic need, so boys and girls can do their marriage by themselves then their parents also stops asking dowry. For instance if daughter father will not provide her daughter to the son farther than marriage is impossible and all boys will remain unmarried, but they are not doing so, instead they are thinking I am father of daughters so it is compulsory to give the dowry and breaking the law by giving dowry.

2.  “Chhaupadi is the result of superstition”. Clarify the statement.

Ans:- Yes the given statement is obviously true that Chhaupadi is the result of superstition because as we all know that Chhaupadi is a social custom in which women have to live in hut located far away from house during menstrual period. This system was previously developed by our ancestors who were fully following superstition belief. They used to use to think that the women during menstrual period are impure and not fit to live in the house. They also used to think that the woman during menstrual period if live in a house then it will create negative impact on their religion and customs and also the God and goddess will make the family members suffer from several problems. They also used to think that if the children’s will see these things then it will bring negative impact on them. If the women with menstrual period live in home and share common things and cook food then she will transmit diseases it was also one superstition belief. In this chaupadi pratha is result of superstition.

3.  The social problems prevalent in Nepalese society mostly affect the women than men. Why? Suggest the measures to solve problem.

Ans:- The social problems prevalent in Nepali society mostly effect the environment following are some possible reasons behind this:-

i)  Nepalese society is Male dominated society.

ii)  Lack of awareness among people that both son and daughter are equally important for them.

iii)  Misunderstanding in parents that the boys will remain with them and girls will go to other house.

iv)  Lack of freedom to woman thinking that they are things to be kept inside house to run family. This cannot make them independent.

Some measures to solve such problems are listed below:

i)  Awareness should be brought in people to treat both son and daughter equally.

ii)  Women should be involved in decision making process.

iii)  Education should be provided equally to boys and girls.

iv)  Gender equality should be maintained in our society.

6.  Dowry system is a social problem. What would be your role to solve this problem? Write in four points.

Ans:- The rules to be played by me to solve the problem of dowry system are listed below:-

i)  Firstly i don’t take dowry in my marriage and suggest my friends to not take dowry in their marriage.

ii)  I will create the awareness among people of my society that the giving and taking both are crime.

iii)  I will just suggest the guardian of both girls and boys that don’t take and give the only because your son and daughter are not the property you are buying and selling.

iv)  If I will hear someone is taking to give or take the dowry then immediately I will inform it in the police station.

Unit:-4, Lesson:-5 Identification of Social Problems and Problem Solving Skills


Identification of Social Problems and Problem Solving Skills

A.  Very short answer questions

1.  Why is the child labour still prevailing at present in our country? Write the reasons.

Ans:- Child labour is this trial prevailing at present in our country due to poverty, unemployment of parents, illiteracy and lack of awareness.

2.  Going abroad is considered as the matter of pleasure and opportunity by the present generation. What is your view on it?

Ans:- Going abroad is considered as a matter of pleasure and opportunities by the generation. But in my view it is not good to go to other country and contribute for the others development. It is due to lack of feeling of nationality.

3.  Your society may have some social problems like child marriage, child labour etc. Identify the better solution to these problems and write.

Ans:- yes, there are some social problems like child marriage, child labour etc. The better solutions of these problems are to provide education, child right, create awareness among the parents etc.

B.  Short answer questions

1.  What are the negative effects of child marriage? Write.

Ans:- The negative effects of child marriage are listed below:

i)  Increases family tension as they bear the child at an early age.

ii)  Deprived of education.

iii)  Increases health hazards.

iv)  Increases population due to lack of awareness.

v)  Degrades the quality of living standard.

vi)  Difficult to get employment due to lack of required qualification.

2.  What should be done to make people understand what is good and what is bad? Suggest any four ways.

Ans:- Following things should be done to make people understand what is good and what is bad:-

i)  Should raise the level of education through compulsory and free education.

ii)  Should create public awareness program through different media.

iii)  Should provide the facility of communication, electricity, transportation etc. in each and every nook and corners of the country.

iv)  Should be aware about rights and duties of the people.

3.  Suppose your intimate friend asks frequently to test drugs. What would you do and why?

Ans:- If my intimate friend asks frequently to test drugs, at first I will reject and say no to drugs. Then I will inform him / her about the possible negative effects of taking drug. I will also request him / her not to take drug and live healthy and dignified life in the society. I will also suggest him / her to launch anti-drug campaign in the society.

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