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“Muna Madan” the well-known Nepali epic poem was composed by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. A couple named Muna and Madan’s trials and sacrifices are shown in this heartbreaking love tale.

The story

Muna and Madan’s home is a tiny Nepalese hamlet where the narrative starts. They enjoy a lovely marriage and are incredibly in love with one another. However, Muna is left behind while Madan, a merchant, journeys to Tibet to earn a living. Both of them find the separation to be unpleasant, yet they persevere through it in the pursuit of a brighter future.

Muna strives to maintain their family while Madan is abroad. She puts forth a lot of effort and makes many sacrifices to support both her and her children. In order to provide for her children, she sells her jewelry, chops down trees for firewood, and even skips meals. She yearns for Madan to come back and assist her, but she never gives up and continues to put in a lot of effort.

While traveling, Madan encounters several difficulties. He has to navigate perilous mountain routes, endure blizzards and storms, and contend with thieves who want to take his goods. He perseveres and keeps traveling despite all of these obstacles.

Muna’s predicament gets more and more dire as time goes on. When her kids are sick, she can’t afford to purchase them medicine. She hoped Madan would return soon since she feels alone and powerless. Meanwhile, Madan becomes unwell while traveling and becomes stuck in a tiny community. He gets really weak and can’t make it farther on his trek.

Muna goes to fetch Madan

Muna resolves to go and fetch Madan back after learning about his condition. She leaves on foot while pulling her ill child in her arms. Muna endures the cold and hunger while walking for days and nights. She eventually arrives in the village where Madan is trapped. Muna tends to his medical needs while she gets ready to take him home.

On the way back, catastrophe occurs. Once more being unwell, Madan passes away in Muna’s arms. Muna is crushed by his passing and is left feeling alone. With just the memory of her love and devotion for Madan, she makes her way home alone.

Book review of muna madan

The poem beautifully and movingly depicts love, giving up something, and losing something. The intensity of human emotions and the tenacity of the human spirit are displayed. Despite the obstacles and difficulties they encounter, Muna and Madan’s love for one another remains unshakeable. Muna’s dedication and selflessness are evidence of her love for her family. Madan’s tenacity and tenacity demonstrate his commitment to his career and his love for his family.

The poem provides insight into Nepal’s socioeconomic situation at the time it was written. People had to labor hard to exist in a world where poverty, disease, and misery were widespread. The challenges of other Nepali families who had to deal with separation, illness, and grief are reflected in Muna and Madan’s narrative.


In conclusion, This book is a classic work of Nepali literature that has captivated readers for countless generations. This moving tale serves as a reminder of the common themes of love, sacrifice, and loss to people all across the world.

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muna madan quotes
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

who wrote muna madan?

Mahakavi Laxmi prasad Devkota wrote muna madan.

when was this book written?

it was written in 1936 B.S.

when was muna madan published?

it was published in 27 June 2003 (Nepal).

Can i download this book free of cost?

Yes, you can download. its free.

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