Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 [New Curriculum] Complete

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Class 10 nepali guide 2080 of new curriculum with complete exercises of all chapters is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. To download please subscribe my fb page. A comprehensive resource for exam preparation. Download link is provided in the corresponding chapters.

Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 [New Curriculum]

Complete Chapter Exercises List

Unit-1 उज्यालो यात्रा
Unit-2 घरभगडा
Unit-3 चिकित्सा विज्ञान र आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा
Unit-4 यस्तो कहिल्‍्यै नहोस्‌
Unit-5 लक्ष्मीप्रसाद देवकोटा
Unit-6 अधिकार दुलो कि कर्तव्य ठुलो ?
Unit-7 शत्रु
Unit-8 नेपाली हाम्रों श्रम र सिप
Unit-9 मेरो देशको शिक्षा
Unit-10 व्यावसायिक चिठी
Unit-11 कर्तव्य
Unit-12 पाब्लो पिकासों
Unit-13 पख्नोस्‌
Unit-14 घरको माया
Unit-15 गाउँमाथि एउटा कविता
Unit-16 आयाम
Unit-17 Sunai Paath

The Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 Introduction

Your scholastic journey would not be complete without reading Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080, which provides insights into the rich heritage, language, and culture of Nepal. This course offers a path to comprehending the core of Nepali society in addition to enhancing language proficiency.

1Ujyalo YatraPoem
2Ghar JhagadaStory
3Chikitsa Bigyan ra Ayurvedic ChikitsaEssay
4Yesto Kahile NahosManobad
5Laxmi Prasad DevkotaBiography
6Adhikar Thulo ke Kartavya ThuloDebate
8Nepali Hamro Shram ra SipPoem
9Mero Desh Ko ShishyaEssay
10Byabsayik ChithiLetter
12Pablo PicassoBiography
14Gharko MayaOne-Act Play
15Gaumathi euta KabitaPoem
17Sunai Patha

Nepali Class 10 Guide 2080: Success Tips

Successful Studying Methods

The secret is to study more effectively rather than more diligently. Learn strategies that will improve your learning process and your ability to remember information.

Management Techniques for Time

Effective time management is necessary to balance academics and extracurricular activities. Find out how to design a study plan that maximizes your output.

Getting Ready for Tests and Assessments

Exams should be taken with poise and planning. Discover how to control your stress and prepare strategically to ace your examinations.

The Pleasure of Studying Nepali

overcoming obstacles

Although learning a new language has certain difficulties, each one can be overcome. Celebrate your accomplishments and view obstacles as chances for growth.

Developing a Lifelong Love

Beyond the classroom, knowing Nepali encourages a closer relationship with the country’s people and culture. Develop a lifetime love of the language and its importance.


The Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 is a wonderful voyage that provides insights into Nepal’s language, literature, culture, and traditions, to sum up. Immersing yourself in Nepali society allows you to not only improve your language abilities but also get a better sense of the essence of a country.


Does the Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 focus just on linguistic abilities?

The Class 10 Nepali Guide 2080 includes information on literature, culture, and other topics. It offers a comprehensive educational opportunity.

How can I write Nepali essays that stand out?

Having a large vocabulary, using efficient structure techniques, and writing in various writing styles are all necessary for writing Nepali essays well.

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