Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 2 A Father’s Letter to His Son

Class 8 English Book solution Nepal unit 2 A Father’s Letter to His Son complete exercises Question answer is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. You don’t have to face the hassle of finding right course curriculum. For Download link Subscribe blog and fb page.

A Father’s Letter to His Son

Reading Exercise


next to something: ADJACENT

gave something to somebody: HANDED

a pair of glasses to protect eyes from the Sun: SUNGLASSES


a place to sleep on a train or ship: BERTH

to leave a place: DEPART

a section on a train: COMPARTMENT

a thick piece of cloth to keep your neck warm: MUFFLER

disappeared suddenly: VANISHED

to demand something forcefully: INSIST

a group of objects: STUFF

Write who made these remarks and for what purpose.

Is it OK if I go on my own? – The boy, asking for permission to go alone.

Please let me go by myself. – The boy, requesting to be allowed to go alone.

May I take them, please? – The boy, asking permission to take his swimming goggles and swimming suit.

Okay but always go swimming with your grandparents.- The boy’s mother, giving permission but emphasizing the importance of swimming with his grandparents.

Would it be alright if I took sunglasses and mufflers for them? – The boy, asking for permission to take sunglasses and mufflers for his grandparents.

Answer the following questions.

Where did the boy want to visit?

The boy wanted to visit the place where his grandparents lived.

How long would the boy live with his grandparents?

The boy would stay with his grandparents for fifteen to twenty days.

Why did the parents not want to let him go alone at first?

The parents did not want to let him go alone at first because they were concerned for his safety.

Do you think that the boy was loving and caring? Why?

Yes, I think the fact that the boy wanted to take sunglasses and mufflers for his grandparents suggests that he was loving and caring.

What did the boy tell his father before the announcement?

Before the announcement, the boy assured his father that he remembered everything and kindly requested him not to worry.

Why do you think the boy felt relaxed at last?

The boy felt relaxed at last because he received reassurance and a sense of companionship through his father’s letter.

If you were the boy, what else would you ask your parents to take with you?

If I were the boy, there are a few more things I would request my parents to pack for me. Firstly, I would want them to include my favorite stuffed animal, which would bring me comfort and make me feel less lonely during the journey. Secondly, I would appreciate having a small journal or notebook and a pen to jot down my thoughts, experiences, and emotions along the way. Lastly, I would need a map or a compass to help me navigate and find my way confidently. Having these items would ensure that I feel secure, connected, and prepared as I embark on my solo adventure.

Grammar I

Match the statements in column A with their correct questions in column B.

I am late. – iv. Am I late?

I can help you. – vi. Can I help you?

She is sleeping. – v. Is she sleeping?

We have met before. – vii. Have we met before?

You work at home. – i. Do you work at home?

It costs Rs. 10. – ii. Does it cost Rs. 10?

She went home. – viii. Did she go home?

The left for the cinema.- iii. Did they leave for the cinema?

Change the following statements into yes/no questions.

He loves this town.

Does he love this town?

They always play football?

Do they ever play football?

She can fly areoplane.

Can she fly areoplane?

There are some smart students in the school?

Are there any smart students in the school?

They went to the river yesterday.

Did they go to the river yesterday?

She spends her money on books.

Does she spend her money on books?

He decided to leave the town.

Did he decide to leave the town?

She goes to bed early.

Does she go to bed early?

They should rewrite their homework.

Should they rewrite their homework?

Write honest answers to these questions.

Do you study in Grade VII?

No, I don’t.

Do you like watching television?

Yes, I do.

Have you ever been to a zoo?

No, I haven’t.

Does your father cook food?

No, he doesn’t.

Did you go to a health post/hospital last month?

No, I didn’t.

Can you draw a picture of a dragon?

No, I can’t.

Do you have classes on Saturdays?

Yes, I do.

Does your brother/sister like coffee?

Yes, she does.

Does your friend wear glasses?

Yes, he does.

Writing I

Develop a story based on the outlines given below. Write a suitable title too.

A poor shoemaker and his wife ……… live in a small house …….. has tough days to earn his daily bread ……… always dream of living happily …..runs out of money …… has a piece of leather to sew shoes …..gets up in the morning and finds fine pairs of shoes ………. gets surprised and sells them in market …..buys more leather ……… cuts it our to make more pairs and leaves on his work-table ……..finds many pairs there …….. sells them and becomes rich ……… continues for some weeks ……. buys a beautiful house …….comes to know about the elves helping them ……….. leaves pairs of beautiful shoes for them…….elves never come back again

The Magical Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a poor shoemaker and his wife who lived in a tiny house. They had tough days trying to earn enough money for their daily bread. But deep inside, they always dreamed of living happily.

One day, the shoemaker ran out of money and had only a small piece of leather left. He decided to use it to make a pair of shoes, hoping it would bring some money. He worked hard, putting all his effort into creating the best shoes he could.

To his surprise, when he woke up the next morning, he found not just one pair of shoes but many beautiful pairs on his work table. He was amazed and grateful. He took the shoes to the market and sold them for a good price.

With the money he earned, the shoemaker bought more leather and cut it into pieces to make more shoes. Just like before, he left the leather on his worktable overnight. And every morning, he discovered more perfectly crafted shoes made by some unseen hands.

This magical happening continued for several weeks, and the shoemaker’s business grew. He became rich and was able to buy a lovely house. But he wondered who was helping him. After asking around, he learned about little creatures called elves known for their craftiness.

Grateful for their help, the shoemaker wanted to thank the elves. He left a special gift of finely crafted shoes on his worktable, hoping the elves would come back. But as time passed, the elves never returned.

Though a bit sad, the shoemaker was still thankful for the elves’ help. He continued making shoes on his own, remembering the magical days. He used his newfound wealth to bring happiness to others.

And so, the poor shoemaker and his wife lived happily ever after, always grateful for the magical intervention that changed their lives. They learned the importance of hard work, dreams, and the kindness of others.

Write a story that ends in ‘She finally realised her mistake’.

A Lesson in Friendship

Lily and Sarah, once inseparable friends, had a falling out over a trivial disagreement. Pride kept them apart, and silence took over their days.

One day, Lily felt a pang of regret as she passed by a familiar park bench. She rushed to Sarah’s house, tears in her eyes, and expressed her deep remorse.

Sarah, surprised and touched by Lily’s sincerity, embraced her. They realized their mistake and vowed to never let pride ruin their friendship again.

From that day on, their bond grew stronger, filled with love, forgiveness, and laughter. They learned the value of communication and the power of true friendship.

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