Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 17 Exercise Naresh and The Stranger

Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 17 Exercise Naresh and The Stranger complete exercises is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. You don’t have to face the hassle of finding right course curriculum. For Download link Subscribe blog and fb page.

Naresh and the Stranger Exercise

A. Find the words from the text and complete the following sentences.

a. Nilima found her lost purse under a pile of leaves.

b. Kindness means ‘the quality of being kind’.

c. She is a/an independent and hard-working girl. She tries to stand on her own.

d. There is a complete stranger sitting at my desk. I have never seen or met him before.

e. We need to eat nutritious food to help our bodies grow.

B. These Sentences are from The Story above. Who said them to whom?

a. ⇒ Naresh said it to the stranger.

b. ⇒ Naresh said it to the stranger.

c. ⇒ The stranger said it to Naresh.

d. ⇒ The stranger said it to Naresh.

e. ⇒ The stranger said it to Naresh.

f. ⇒ Naresh said it to the stranger.

C. Answer the following Questions

a. Why could Naresh’s wife not earn any money?

⇒ Naresh’s wife could not earn any money because she had to look after the family and take care of the household responsibilities.

b. What was Naresh worried about when he talked to his oxen?

⇒ When Naresh talked to his oxen, he was worried about when he would earn enough money to provide nutritious food for his kids.

c. Why did Naresh’s wife cry when she knew the stranger would stay in their home?

⇒ Naresh’s wife cried when she knew the stranger would stay in their home because they did not have enough food for themselves and were already struggling to make ends meet.

d. Why do you think the stranger wanted to give money to Naresh?

⇒ The stranger wanted to give money to Naresh because Naresh had shown him kindness and helped him when he was in need. The stranger wanted to repay Naresh’s kindness and help him and his family in return.

e. Did the stranger take anything from Naresh when he left? Why?

⇒ No, the stranger did not take anything from Naresh when he left. Instead, he gave Naresh a bag full of money as a gesture of gratitude for Naresh’s kindness and help.

f. What lesson did you learn from the story?

⇒ The lesson learned from the story is that acts of kindness and selflessness can be rewarded unexpectedly.

Grammar I

A. Match the active sentences in column A with their passive counterparts in column B.

Naresh gave him some water to drink. – iii. He was given some water to drink by Naresh.

The stranger thanked him.- i. He was thanked by the him.

The stranger took him to the river bank. – ii. He was taken to the river bank by the stranger.

The stranger opened the pot.- v. The pot was opened by the stranger.

Naresh took the money. vi. The money was taken by Naresh.

The neighbors heard him talking to his oxen.- iv. He was heard talking to his oxen by the neighbors.

B. Change the following sentences into passive.

My tooth was pulled out by the dentist.

He is being questioned by the police.

Breakfast is served at 7 o’clock by the waitress.

The rubbish was collected by students from our class.

These tablets should be taken before meals.

He has been sent out of the classroom by the teacher.

Coloured clothes must be washed separately.

The new sports centre will be inaugurated by the mayor next month.

Nabina’s bicycle has been stolen recently.

Apples are grown in Dolpa.

Writing I

Here is an email written by an online marketing company to a regular customer. Read it carefully and write a reply to it. You can accept or deny the offer.


Dear Sir,

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