Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 3 Public Announcement

Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 3 Public Announcement complete exercises Question answer is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. You don’t have to face the hassle of finding right course curriculum. For Download link Subscribe blog and fb page.

Public Announcements

Reading Exercise

A. Find the correct words from the text to complete the sentences below.

a. We had to pay an extra amount for our baggage on the aeroplane.

b. Would you switch off all your gadgets as the plane is going to take off?

c. Tomorrow is my parents’ wedding anniversary

d. The Chief Guest will confer the prizes to the winners.

e. Please keep your seat in the upright position. The plane is going to land soon.

f. Our school will remain closed for 15 days on the auspicious occasion of Dashain.

B. Write True or False for the following statements.

a. The pre-flight announcement is about the landing of an aeroplane. ⇒ False

b. Baggage should be kept either under the seat or in the overhead compartments. ⇒ True

c. Parents Day is going to be celebrated on March 21st. ⇒ False

d. A dance will be performed by professional artists on Parents’ Day. ⇒ False

e. The photo session is scheduled at the beginning of the programme. ⇒ False

C. Answer these questions.

a. What are the first and the second announcements about?

⇒ The first announcement is a pre-flight announcement for Flight RA-402 from Kathmandu to New Delhi.

– The second announcement is about the Parents Day celebration at Dibya Jyoti Secondary School.

b. State the travel route of flight RA-402.

⇒ The travel route of flight RA-402 is from Kathmandu to New Delhi.

c. Why do you think the seats should be in the upright position during the takeoff?

⇒ The seats should be in the upright position during take-off for safety reasons. This position ensures that passengers are securely seated and provides better stability during the critical phase of takeoff. In case of any sudden movements or emergencies, having the seats upright allows for easier evacuation and helps reduce the risk of injuries.

d. Who is the Chief Guest on the Parents’ Day?

⇒ The Chief Guest on the Parents Day celebration at Dibya Jyoti Secondary School is the Mayor of Bardaghat Municipality.

e. When and where is the Parents Day programme scheduled to be held?

⇒ The Parents Day program is scheduled to be held on the 22nd of March in the Assembly Hall at Dibya Jyoti Secondary School at 11:00 a.m.

C. Why do you think it is important to celebrate Parents’ Day?

Parents Day is important because it provides an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and appreciation towards our parents. Our parents take care of us, support us, and love us unconditionally throughout our lives. By celebrating Parents Day, we can take a moment to thank them for their selfless efforts and let them know how much we value them. It’s a special occasion to recognize their hard work, sacrifices, and the vital role they play in shaping our lives. Moreover, celebrating Parents Day allows us to strengthen the bond between parents and children, fostering a deeper connection and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Grammar I

A. Match the questions on the left with their reported speech.

a. Can Sharmila read a book? ⇒ iii. The teacher asked if Sharmila could read a book.

b. Was the waiter rude? ⇒ v. My aunt want to know whether the waiter had been rude.

c. Is Punam his teacher? ⇒ vi. They asked whether Punam was his teacher.

d. Does she have a problem? ⇒ ii. Elis asked whether she had a problem.

e. Does he love playing tennis? ⇒ i. She asked if he loved playing tennis.

f. Did the boss notice the mistake? ⇒ iv. She asked if the boss had noticed the mistake.

B. Change the following questions into reported speech.

a. Does she spend her money on books?

⇒ My father asked if she spent her money on books.

b. Did the farmer decide to sell her old oxen?

⇒ They asked if the farmer had decided to sell her old oxen.

c. Can I borrow your pen?

⇒ She asked if she could borrow my pen.

d. Should the students concentrate on their studies?

⇒ Rajani asked if the students should concentrate on their studies.

e. Will you come to my housewarming party tomorrow?

⇒ Milan asked if I would come to his housewarming party the following day.

f. Was Srijana born in this hospital?

⇒ My friend wanted to know if Srijana had been born in that hospital.

g. Did he put the spoon on the table?

⇒ The waiter questioned if he had put the spoon on the table.

h. Is his mother a professor of History?

⇒ My father asked if his mother was a professor of History.

i. Has his sister gone to the market?

⇒ Rachana inquired if his sister had gone to market.

j. Are you a foreigner?

⇒ She asked if I was a foreigner.

Writing I

Write a short announcement on behalf of the class captain/monitor to celebrate any one event (e.g. Children’s Day) at your school. Include what, when, where, who and how the event is going to be celebrated. Also, request people to attend the function.

Children’s Day Announcement

I am excited to announce that we will be celebrating Children’s Day at our school on the 15th of November. The event will take place in the school auditorium at 10:00 a.m. We have planned a fun-filled program with games, performances, and special activities for all the students. Our teachers and staff have put in a lot of effort to make this day memorable for all of us.

We kindly request all students, teachers, parents, and staff to attend the function and join us in celebrating the joy and innocence of childhood. Let’s come together and make this Children’s Day a day to remember.

Thank you!

Class Monitor

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