Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 4 A Visit to Mustang

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A Visit to Mustang

A. Learn these words and complete the following sentences using them.

[pilgrims, architecture, charming, allowance, panoramic]

a. She studied the history of art and…architecture.…. at the university.

b. All the …allowance….of the city are resurfaced.

c. Many….pilgrims… visit the Muktinath Temple every year.

d. I found Nepali people ….charming.….and helpful.

e. One can enjoy the . . panoramic. .. .view of the Kathmandu Valley from the top of the Dharahara.

B. Put these sentences from the text above in the correct order.

f. The writer spent a night in Pokhara and met her tour group.

d. The writer appreciated the hotel staff in Pokhara.

a. It took seven hours for the writer to reach Tatopani.

b. The tourist guide shared experiences about her life with the writer.

e. The writer, together with other members, visited Marpha village.

c. The writer took a hot shower.

C. Answer these questions.

a. Is it easy for non-Nepalis to enter Upper Mustang? Why?

No, non-Nepali tourists need a special travel permit to enter Upper Mustang.

b. Why was the writer given cushions and blankets at the hotel in Pokhara?

The writer was given cushions and blankets at the hotel in Pokhara to ensure she would not get cold during the night.

c. Why do only a few tourists visit Nepal in January?

Only a few tourists visit Nepal in January because it is usually very cold in the Himalayas during this month.

d. What was the Tatopani spring like?

The Tatopani spring was a small but charming natural pool.

e. Where does Kagbeni lie?

Kagbeni lies along the Kali Gandaki River.

f. What, according to the Buddhists, are the five elements of life?

According to the Buddhists, the five elements of life are symbolized by the colors of flags – blue symbolizes sky, white symbolizes air, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth.

g. What is Marpha village known for?

Marpha village is known for its apple trees and unique architecture.

h. Was the writer happy with her journey in the end? How do you know?

Yes, the writer felt refreshed and warm after waking up in Marpha on the last day of her journey.

Grammar I

A. Complete these sentences with missing words/phrases from the reading text. Discuss with your friends to identify the tenses.

a. Mustang has only been open to tourists since 1992. (Present perfect tense).

b. On the first night, I …… in Pokhara to meet up with my tour group.

On the first night, I stayed in Pokhara to meet up with my tour group. (Past simple tense)

c. Next day, we ……our trip from Tatopani to Kagbeni.

Next day, we continued our trip from Tatopani to Kagbeni. (Past simple tense)

d. They ……… in the colours of flags.

They have been symbolised in the colours of flags. (Present perfect passive voice)

e. I ……. refreshed and warm.

I felt refreshed and warm. (Past simple tense)

B. Read the given paragraph carefully. Underline the verbs in the sentences and identify their tenses.

Have you ever had a frightening experience? I have had one. Some years ago, I was heading to Biratnagar from Kathmandu by plane. It was alright at the beginning but suddenly a problem occurred. The captain of the plane said to us in a very calm voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, we‘re having a problem with one of the engines. There’s no need to panic but keep your seatbelts fastened. We are heading back to Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.” I felt a pain in my chest and people started to cry. After some time, we landed successfully back at the airport. I sighed with relief! Since then, I have decided not to travel in a plane.

C. Fill in the blanks with one of the two alternatives given in the brackets.

a. The sun …set… (set/has set) at 6 p.m. yesterday.

b. Get up! The sun …has already risen….(rose/has already risen).

c. Jackson….has eaten…..(has eaten/ate) his lunch. The plate is still on the table.

d. Jackson…..ate.. (ate/has eaten) his lunch at 11:00 yesterday.

e. Levi and Simon….have been….. (were/have been) friends for a long time.

f. (Have you posted/Did you post)….Have you posted…. the letter last Sunday?

g. The Smiths….have spent…… (spent/have spent) a week in Paris recently.

h. Megha…..ran….(ran/has run) two marathons last year. He could not succeed with either.

(have lost/lost) my keys yesterday.

j. Sumina …..has lost…..(has lost/lost) her keys this evening. She is at my home.

D. Complete the given sentences with one of the suitable verb forms from the box.

[have forgotten, have washed, played, have finished, planted, bought, called, have not visited, haven’t eaten, went]

a. Richard….played….football yesterday.

b. They …..have washed… their car again. It looks new.

c. Last year, some of my friends …….went………. to Italy.

d. Juni and Bikram ….have finished…their homework. Now, they can play.

e. I….called…my parents two days ago.

f. We …..have not visited…another country before.

g. The Smiths ….bought…. a new house in 2001.

h. I’m sorry, but I ….have forgotten.. to do my homework.

i. The girls ….haven’t eaten….. their lunch yet.

j. They ….planted…. some trees last week.

Writing I

You must have had several memorable events in your life. Write two or three paragraphs about one of them. Include the answers to these questions in your paragraphs.

a. What was the event about?

b. When did it happen?

c. What lesson did you learn from it?The Power of Hard Work and Belief

One of the most memorable events in my life so far was when I participated in a public speaking competition at my school. The event was organized by the English department, and the competition was open to students from all grades.

The event happened during my seventh grade, towards the end of the academic year. It was an exciting time because I had never participated in such an event before, and I had to prepare and deliver a speech in front of a large audience.

As the day approached, I felt increasingly nervous, but I worked hard on my speech and practiced it numerous times to build up my confidence. When it was time for me to take the stage, I was initially very nervous, but I tried my best to remain calm and focused. I delivered my speech with clarity and confidence, and to my surprise, I was awarded first place in the competition.

The lesson that I learned from this event is that hard work and dedication can pay off in unexpected ways. I had put a lot of effort into preparing for the competition, and although I was nervous, I was able to overcome my fears and deliver a strong performance. Winning the competition was a great feeling and taught me that if I work hard and believe in myself, I can achieve great things. This experience has motivated me to continue pushing myself and taking on new challenges in the future.

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