Class 10 English guide 2080 unit 8 | Climbing by Amy Lowell: Summary & Exercise

Class 10 English guide 2080 unit 8 Climbing by Amy Lowell: Summary & Exercise has the complete exercises and notes. it will be very helpful to the students.

Class 10 English guide 2080 unit 8 | Climbing by Amy Lowell: Summary & Exercise

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Summary of the Poem ‘Climbing’

The poem “Climbing” by Amy Lowell describes the experience of a child climbing a tall apple tree and feeling a sense of wonder and adventure as they ascend higher and higher towards the town they see in the distance. The poem can be analyzed stanza-wise as follows:

Stanza 1

The first stanza sets the scene and establishes the tone of the poem. The speaker begins by describing themselves climbing up an apple tree, with the sky above them and the earth below. This establishes a sense of height and distance, and also a feeling of being suspended between the two. The speaker describes each branch as a step on a “wonderful stair,” which suggests that they are not just climbing a tree, but embarking on an exciting journey.

Stanza 2

In the second stanza, the speaker continues to climb higher and higher, and they begin to see the town in the distance. They describe the branches blowing in the wind, and the sight of a spire and a turret, which adds to the sense of adventure and discovery. The town itself is described as “sparkling and bright, like white sea foam,” which suggests that it is both beautiful and mysterious.

Stanza 3

The third stanza describes the speaker’s determination to reach the top of the tree. They push their way through the thick leaves, and feel confident that they will reach the end of the “marvelous stair” today. This stanza emphasizes the speaker’s sense of agency and control over their own journey, and suggests that they are growing in confidence and skill.

Stanza 4

The final stanza describes the culmination of the speaker’s climb. They finally reach the top of the tree, where they can see the glittering pinnacles of the town in the distance. The repetition of “climbing, climbing, higher I go” emphasizes the sense of elevation and achievement. The final lines, “With the sky close above me, the earth far below,” suggest a sense of triumph and wonder at having climbed so high.


Overall, the poem “Climbing” uses the imagery of climbing a tree to explore themes of adventure, discovery, and the joy of exploration. The poem can be read as a celebration of the childlike sense of wonder that comes from exploring the world around us, and an encouragement to continue climbing higher and higher in pursuit of new experiences.

Glossary of the Poem

Pinnacle /ˈpɪnəkl/ – the highest point of a mountain or a structure

Turret /ˈtʌrɪt/ – a small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall

Glint /ɡlɪnt/ – a quick flash of light

Embarking /ɪmˈbɑːrkɪŋ/ – beginning a journey or adventure

Marvelous /ˈmɑːvələs/ – extremely good or impressive

Suspend /səˈspɛnd/ – to hang something from above, to stop something temporarily

Elevation /ˌɛlɪˈveɪʃən/ – the height above sea level or ground level

Sparkling /ˈspɑːrkəlɪŋ/ – shining brightly with flashes of light

Branches /ˈbræntʃɪz/ – a part of a tree that grows out from the trunk and has leaves or flowers on it

Wonderful /ˈwʌndərfəl/ – extremely good or impressive

Push /pʊʃ/ – to apply force to move something forward

Determination /dɪˌtɜːrmɪˈneɪʃən/ – the act of making a firm decision and taking action

Thick /θɪk/ – having a large distance between opposite sides or surfaces

Spire /spaɪər/ – a tall, pointed structure on the top of a building or tower

Sight /saɪt/ – the ability to see, or something that can be seen

Bough /baʊ/ – a large branch of a tree

Apple /ˈæpl/ – a round fruit with a red, yellow, or green skin and a white inside

Adventure /ədˈvɛntʃər/ – an exciting and unusual experience

Suspense /səˈspɛns/ – a feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen

Distance /ˈdɪstəns/ – the amount of space between two points or things

Exercise of the Poem Climbing Grade -10 English

A. Find the words from the text above that have the following meanings.

a. a small flash of light, especially a reflected one- glint

b. main branch of a tree-bough

c. a little tower of a building or a castle- turret

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d. a set of steps leading from one floor of a building to another- stair

e. causing great wonder; extraordinary- marvelous

B. Choose the correct answer.

a. What does the speaker view from the branch of the tree?

i. the sky

ii. the earth iii. the town

iii. the town

b. What aids the speaker to go up and up?

i. the apple tree ii. the branches on the tree iii. a stair bought for her support

ii. the branches on the tree

c. What does the speaker compare the glow of a dome with?

i. a turret ii. a spire

iii. sea foam

iii. sea foam

d. Which of the following statements is true?

i. The speaker used to climb onto the tree top.

ii. The speaker is sure to get to the top of the tree now.

iii. The tree leaves will certainly prevent her from going higher and higher.

ii. The speaker is sure to get to the top of the tree now.

e. Which of the following statements carries the message of the poem?

i. We should not give up in the middle of any situation or a goal.

ii. Be satisfied with what you have at the moment.

iii. We cannot enter heaven without a staircase.

iv. We should not give up in the middle of any situation or goal.

C. Answer these questions.

a. Why does the speaker want to climb on the tree?

The speaker wants to climb on the tree to see the town shining up.

b. What things are shining brightly when viewed from above?

A turret and dome are shining brightly when viewed from above.

c. Is it the first time that the speaker has climbed up the tree? How do you know?

No, it is not the first time that the speaker has climbed up the tree. She says that before she always had to stop, but today she is sure she will reach the top. This implies that she has attempted the climb before.

d. Make a list of words from the poem which describe the light or brightness.






e. What do the sky and the earth symbolise in the poem?

The sky represents the ultimate goal or destination, while the earth represents the starting point or the journey towards that goal. The sky and the earth emphasize the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching the top of the tree or achieving one’s goals.

D. “The more determined you are, the better opportunity you will achieve in life and obtain what you want in life.” Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

On one hand, a determination can play a significant role in achieving one’s goals. Being determined and persistent in pursuing a particular objective can lead to increased motivation and focus, making it more likely that one will overcome obstacles and reach their desired outcome. It can also help individuals develop a strong work ethic and a positive mindset, which can be beneficial in all areas of life.

On the other hand, simply being determined may not always be enough to guarantee success. Other factors, such as access to resources and opportunities, socioeconomic status, and systemic barriers, can all impact an individual’s ability to achieve their goals, regardless of how determined they are. Additionally, being overly fixated on a particular outcome can lead to tunnel vision and prevent individuals from being open to alternative paths or opportunities that may ultimately lead to greater success or fulfilment.

While determination can be an important factor in achieving one’s goals, it is not the only factor. Success is often the result of a combination of factors, including hard work, determination, access to resources, and sometimes even luck. It is important to recognize the role that determination can play, but also to acknowledge that success is not always solely determined by an individual’s level of determination.

Grammar II


Now, change the following sentences with passive voice using ‘being’ or ‘having’.

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a. Puja hates people shouting at her in the street.

Puja hates being shouted at in the street.

b. Jahagir can’t stand beggars wiping his feet.

Jahagir can’t stand having his feet wiped.

c. Our class teacher detests students flattering her.

Our class teacher detests being flattered.

d. The headteacher likes teachers checking students’ homeworks.

The headteacher likes having students’ homeworks checked.

e. The actress does not mind journalists following her.

The actress does not mind being followed.

f. Rebika prefers people writing to her better than talking to her on the lines.

Rebika prefers being written to better than talked to on the lines.

B. Change the following sentences into active voice.

a. A lot of books are stored online by various sites.

Various sites store a lot of books.

b. Computers are repaired with warranty here.

We repair computers with warranty here.

c. Chinese is rarely spoken in our community.

People in our community rarely speak Chinese.

d. The criminal is thought to have fled to another country.

Police think that the criminal has fled to another country.

e. It is believed that the film can spell the spectators.

Many believe that the film can spell the spectators.

f. It is expected that the war is going to end soon.

We expect the war is going to end soon.

g. She is supposed to be married.

They suppose she is married.

h. I hate being kept waiting.

I hate people keeping waiting me.

i. She loves having her clothes praised.

She loves me praising her clothers.

j. This road is not very often used.

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People do not use this road very often.

k. Ajima is never punished by teachers.

Teachers never punish Ajima.

l. Many accidents are caused by speeding.

Speeding causes many accidents.

Writing II

A. Imagine you are the headteacher of a school and your school has a vacancy for the post of Secondary Level English teacher. Write an advertisement for the post mentioning the required academic qualification, experience, deadline and other necessary information.

Vacancy Announcement

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Secondary Level English Teacher.

Key Responsibilities:

– Delivering high-quality English language lessons to secondary-level students

– Preparing lesson plans and teaching materials to meet the needs of diverse learners

– Assessing students’ progress and providing timely feedback to students and parents

– Collaborating with colleagues to plan and implement a comprehensive English language curriculum

– Participating in school activities and events as required

Qualifications and Requirements:

– Bachelor’s degree in English language

– Teaching certification or licensure

– At least 3 years of experience teaching English language at the secondary level

– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

– Strong organizational and time management skills

– Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references to no later than March 20, 2023. Please indicate “Secondary Level English Teacher” in the subject line of your email.

SkulTech Academy

Pokhara, Nepal

B. Paraphrase the following text.


paraphrased text

Historically, women were predominantly perceived as caregivers and homemakers. However, in recent years, they have started to make notable progress in entering the workforce. Although achieving complete gender equality with men is still a distant goal, there has been noticeable improvement in the situation.


Paraphrased text

During the 1920s, Elton Mayo, a scholar from America, conducted research on how the physical environment influenced workers’ productivity. The study, commonly known as the Hawthorne Studies after the electrical company where it was conducted, discovered that minor changes to the workplace, like adjusting lighting or room arrangement, could stimulate workers to increase their productivity.

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