Social Norms and Values Unit-3|Social Studies Guide|Class 10

Unit-3, Lesson-1 Our National Heritages

Our National Heritages

A.  Very short questions.

1.  What is heritage? What does it reflect?

Ans:- The places, arts, culture and  natural  environment that have been passed from the  various generation  are being maintained in the present and will be presented to future is called heritage.  It reflects the identity of a country and its people.

2.  What are the nature and culture heritages of Nepal listed in the world heritage sites?

Ans:- Sagarmatha National Park , Chitwan National Park  are natural heritages and Lumbini, Kathmandu valley are cultural heritages  listed in the world heritage site.

3.  What are different countries constructing Bihars in Lumbini area? Present your logics.

Ans:- Different countries are constructing Bihars in Lumbini area to maintain religious tolerance and to make their name and fame.

B.  Short answer questions:

1.  Why are the heritage considered as the precious wealth of the nation? Write in four points.

Ans:- The heritage are considered as  the precious wealth of the  nation because  of following reason:

i)  They give an identity to the country.

ii)  They add glory of the county.

iii)  They are the sources of religious, cultural or natural study, research and observation.

iv)  They help in the promotion of tourism industry as they are the major attraction for the tourists.

2.  Make a list of roles to be played by the students and community in the protection of natural heritages.

Ans:- The roles to be played by the students and community in the protection of natural heritages are listed below:

i)  Student should conduct awareness program in order to aware community people about importance of natural heritage.

ii)  Student should conduct sanitation program in order to maintain the beauty of heritages..

iii)  Community people should do the proper and time to time maintenance of heritages.

iv)  Community people should make a strict security system in the heritage area so that smuggling of valuable items can be prevented.

3.  Mention the feature of Bhaktapur durbar square.

Ans:- The feature of Bhaktpur durbar  square are listed below.

i)  Statue of King Bhuptindra Malla is found here.

ii)  Museum and art gallery is also available.

iii)  The world famous golden gate is famous in this gate.

iv)  55 window palaces is one of the important features of Bhaktapur durbar square.

4.  Prepare an article on any heritage of Nepal enlisted In the world heritage list which you have visited or heard or read.


The Himalayan Times

Pashupatinath Area

The Pashupati temple is famous and sacred Hindu temple that is located on the banks of Bagmati River. This area was inscribed on the UNESCO world heritages sites in 1979A.D. It is located in Kathmandu district and province no.3 of Nepal. All the other temples of Pashupatinath are are constructed in pagoda style. The Pashupati temple has four intrances in four different directions. Some of the features of Pashupati area are listed below.

i)  There are about 492 temples, Chaityas, and Satals etc.

ii)  There are about 1000 Shivalinga in Pashupati area.

iii)  It covers approximately 5 kilometers north- east of Kathmandu in eastern part of Kathmandu.

iv)  Shivaratri, Teej, Bala Chaturdashi are some major festival celebrated in this temple.

v)  Both Hindu and Buddhist religion people worship in this temple. Hence, it has helped to maintain religion tolerance.

In this way, Pashupati area is also helped in maintaining name and fame of Nepal and added glory to our nation.

Unit-3, Lesson-2 Folk song

Folk song

1.  Define folk song? Write down the importance of folk song.

Ans:-  A traditional song originating among the people and has been passed down orally from one to the next is  called folk song.

The importance’s of folk song are listed below:

i)  Folk songs are our identity and pride.

ii)  They are the ways of expressing love, romantic moment, or sorrow.

iii)  They are the means of entertainment refreshment to kill leisure time, tension and tiredness.

iv)  They provide the field for the research and study.

v)  They maintain social harmony among people.

2.  Suggest any four measures or ways to preserve and promote folk songs?

Ans:- Any four ways to preserve and promote folk song are mentioned below:-

i)  Encouraging different communities to be preserve their folk songs.

ii)  Organizing folk songs competition.

iii)  Adding quality in folk songs, lyrics, singing and tunes to match contemporary interest.

iv)  Formulating and implementing effective plan and policies to preserve folk songs.

Unit-3, Lesson-3 Folk Musical Instrument

Folk Musical Instrument

A.  Very short answer question:

1.  What do you mean by folk musical instrument? Write with example.

Ans:- A musical instrument that develop among common people  and usually does not have  a known inventor is  called a folk musical instrument. Example: Madal, flute etc.

2.  In which community Dhamphu is played?

Ans:- Dhamphu is played in the Tamang community.

3.  What kind of musical instrument is Arbajo?

Ans:- Arbajo is a  religious musical instrument.

4.  Name any two musical instrument played by blowing and moving fingers?

Ans:- Any two musical  instrument played by blowing and moving fingers are listed  below:-

i)  Flute

ii)  Sahanai

B.  Short answer question :-

1.  Write a short introduction to the Madal.

Ans:- Madal is  one of the most popular folk musical instrument of the Nepalese community. It is believed that it was first introduced bb Magar community. Later on, it gained popularity throughout the country. It is made with hollow piece of a thick log and its open sides are covered with leather and tightened with leather strings. it is carried around the waist  and played by both hands. The part where khari is put is called maidaan. A ring at the edge of both sides of Madal which is used to tightened leather strings is called mathara. For making Madal log from khamari tree is used.

2.  Draw a folk musical instrument of your choice and write its short introduction.

Ans:- Narsingha  is made up of  copper.  It is long and curved like a half circle. It is played by blowing air through is small mouth. This musical instrument was earlier mainly used by raja and maharajas. It was used by them before starting any work. Nowadays also it is used in various purposes.

3.  Mention the preservative measures of folk music instruments.

Ans:- The preservative measures of folk musical instruments are listed below:-

i)  Publicity of our folk musical instruments.

ii)  Organizing folk musical competition time to time.

iii)  Giving priority for the manufacturing of such musical instrument.

iv)  Encouraging different communities to preserve their tradition and to preserve folk musical instrument.

Unit-3, Lesson-4 Folk and Classical Dances of Nepal

Folk and Classical Dances of Nepal

A.  Very short answer questions:

1.  Define folk dance.

Ans:- A traditional dance of particular group of people or place is called folk dance.

2.  In which community does the Dhan Nach belong?

Ans:- Dhan Nach belongs to the Libmu community.

3.  Mention one characteristics Charts nritya?

Ans:- This dance is performed by Newari community by impersonating the gods and goddesses.

4.  In which region is Singaru nritya is practiced?

Ans:- Singaru nritya is practiced in mid-western region of Nepal.

5.  What kind of dance is Kartik dance? Who introduced this Nach?

Ans:- Kartik Nach is a dance performed in month of Kartik. This Nach was introduced by Sidhi Narsingh malls.

6.  Mention one characteristics of Chaitra Naach? 

Ans:- This Naach is performed by impersonating the people of ancient stories.

B.  Short answer questions:-

1.  “Folk songs, folk musical instruments and Folk danced are complementary to each other”. Justify this statement with example.

Ans:- yes, the given statement is obviously true that Folk songs, folk musical instrument and folk dances are complimentary to each other. Because as we know that all these were developed by our ancestors and designed in such a way that without any one other two will be meaningless. If we will talk about folk music it requires folk musical instrument to make it effective. Both folk songs and folk musical instruments are required for folk dances. Following points will clarify their relation with each other. 

i)  Folk musical instrument is required to make folk songs effective.

ii)  Folk songs and folk musical instrument are required in folk dances.

iii)  All these three together shows our Identity and glorious.

In this way we can state that folk songs. Folk musical instrument and folk dances are related to each other and meaningless without each other.

2.  Write the importance of Folk and Classical dance.

Ans:- The importance of Folk and Classical dance are listed below.

i)  It reflects our glorious culture and traditions.

ii)  It helps in tourism development as source of entertainment.

iii)  It develops the art and skill in individual.

iv)  It helps in the socialization and development of social harmony among people.

3.  Suggest any four effective ways to preserve promote Folk and  Classical dances of Nepal.

Ans:- Any four effective ways to preserve and promote folk and classical dances of Nepal are listed below.

i)  People should organize different competition and programs of folk songs at local, nation and international level.

ii)  People should commercialize the folk music, song and dance without spoiling their uniqueness

iii)  People should be ask the mass media to give top priority to our folk music, songs and dances.

iv)  People should ask the government to honor those personalities who have played important roles in preservation and promotion of folk songs.

4.  Write the difference between Folk dance and Classical dance.

Ans:- The difference between Folk dance and Classical dance are given below: 

Folk danceClassical dance
1. A traditional dance of a particular group of people or place is called folk dance.1. The dance which describes about religious story and character of God and goddess is called classical dance.
2. It is the dance of common people.2. It is developed in high society circles.
3. Folk dances are all about energy and power.3. Classical dance are more about gestures, steps and poses.
4. This type of dance is performed on Folk music and storyline.4. This type of dance is performed on classical music.
5. It does not have fixed rules and regulations to dance.5. It has some fixed steps which cannot performed by common people.

Unit-3, Lesson-5 Our National Days

Our National Days

A.  Very Short answer question.

1.  What does a national day mean?

Ans:- The special day that we celebrate National wide from government level to local level to related various events such as great revolution, celebration of achievements, days dedicated to some special person, etc. is called National days.

2.  When do we observe republic day and why?

Ans:- We observe Republic Day on 15th Jestha  every year on the commemoration introduction of republic country and end of monarchial rule.

3.  Who are martyrs?

Ans:- Those people who have sacrificed their life in various movements launched to establish democracy and civil rights are called martyrs.

4.  Why is 8th march observed every year as international women’s Day?

Ans:- 8th march is observed every year as international women’s Day to remember the day when women’s movement succeeded and what the right to vote and freedom.

B.  Short answer questions.

1.  Write the importance of democracy day.

Ans:- Democracy Day is observed on 7th falgun every year organizing different program scenes 2007 BS, falgun 7th democracy was introduced in Nepal. The importances of democracy day are:

i)  104 years long Ranarchy with the announcement of democracy.

ii)  It was the outcome of Nepalese peoples sacrifice and dedication.

iii)  Nepalese people got right and freedom for the first time in in the history of Nepal.

iv)  A monk with his declaration, rule of law began in Nepal.

2.  If you are going to present your opinion on child right, what logic would you present? Present in four points.

Ans:- I will present my logic on child right as follow.

i)  We observe 29th of Bhadra as children day because on this day Nepal has ratified the convention of child right of UNO.

ii)  Millions of children are deprived of education in Nepal.

iii)  Many children are victimized by rape and are being soldfor various purpose.

iv)  Many children are working in risky jobs and exploited physically and sexually.

v)  Child rights are limited only in blueprint but not practically implemented.

vi)  Different NGOs and INGOs, government and concerned stakeholders should effectively work for the protection of child rights.

3. National days should not be limited only on holidays. They should be observed effectively and according to the speed of the day. What can be done for this? Mention your ideas in four point.

Ans:- National days should be observed effectively and according to the spirit of the day. They should we not limited only on holidays. The following can be done for the grand celebration of our national days.

i)  The government should be encouraged to observe the national days.

ii)  Programs related to the national days should be organized.

iii)  By creating awareness, participation of every people on the national day’s celebration can be made possible.

iv)  Programme should be organized highlighting the significance of national days.

v)  New programmes and creative activities should be organized on national days.

4.  What are the national days? Why do we observe National Days?

Ans:- The special days that we celebrate nationwide from government level to local level to relate various event such as great revolution, celebration of achievements, days dedicated to some special person, etc. are called National days.

Nepal has gone through several important changes in history. Accordingly, the government of Nepal has decided to observe several days as important landmarks in the history so we observe National days.

5.  If you were given the responsibility to organize the democracy day celebration, how would you celebrate the day?

Ans:- if I were given the responsibility to organize the democracy day celebration, I would conduct the program in the following ways, First of all I would from different communities like a stage decoration committee, guest welcome committee, etc. I would invite district education officer and other distinguished persons as the chief guest. I myself would handle the program and highlight the importance of the day. I would request the guest to offer the garland 2 to the photos of martyrs. Quiz contest and speech competition would be organized. At last, prices would be distributed by the chief guests to the winners. The guests will give short speech about the importance of the day and into the program.

6.  To which national day the given picture is related? When and how is it absorbed?

Ans:- The given picture is related to the martyrs Day. Every year on 16th of Magh, we observe martyrs Day. We observe this day in the memory of four martyrs named shukra Raj shastri, Dharm Bhakt Mathema, Kumbh Ganga Lal Shrestha and Dashrath Chand and others who sacrificed their life to in the autocratic Rana and regime established democracy in Nepal. 

Kathmandu metropolitan city celebrates this day for seven days. To commemorate the contribution of those martyrs. Shahid Gate built near Tudikhel, Kathmandu. Political leaders, ministers, government officers and common people gather around the Shahid gate and offer garland and flowers to the statue of martyrs to pay respect to them on this day.

People also pay tribute to those who sacrifice their life during anti-panchayat movement the people’s movement of 2046, and movement for loktantra 2062/63 BS.

7.  When do we observe loktantra day and why?

Ans:- After the success of people’s movement 2, king Gyanendra returned all the state powers and are sovereignty to the people on 11th Baisakh  2063 BS. So, to remember this day, every year we observed Loktantra day on 11th Baisakh.

Unit-3, Lesson-6 International personalities

International personalities

A.  Very short answer questions

1.  Who are known as international personality?

Ans:- Those individuals who have contributed greatly for the sake of humanity, nation and the world as a whole known as international personality.

2.  What is Dr. Martin Luther king known for?

Ans:- Dr. Martin Luther king is known for his struggle against racial segregation, economic injustice to black American and struggle for the civil rights and voting right to black people.

3.  What is Kailash Satyarthi known for?

Ans:- Kailash Satyarthi known for struggle against child labour and slavery, and welfare of children across the world.

B.  Short answer questions

1.  “Though Kailash Satyarthi is an Indian, his contribution is for the entire world”. Justify this statement.

Ans:- Kailash Satyarthi was born on 11th January 1954 AD in Vidisha district of Central Indian state Madhya Pradesh. He is a great social worker who contributed for providing rights to children of the world. He got involved in the area of social work at the age of 26. He started Bachpan Bachao Andolan (save the childhood movement). Through this movement at 144 countries, he managed to develop a successful model for their education and rehabilitation. He is continuously working in this sector. His main theme of the work is “Bachpan Bachao”. he has done the praise worthy work to save the life of hundreds of children lots of trafficked from Nepal and compelled to work in different cities of India as labourer. Similarly, he has rescued the children from hotel, factory, Circus, brothels, vehicles and different homes. Although, he was born in India, he has not limited his work within it. He has raised himself above the religion, culture, and race etc. and has worked all over the world. He was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2014 for his struggle against the suppression of children and young people, and for the right of every children to education.

Similarly, he has been awarded with Alphonso Comin International Award (2008), Medal of the Italian senate (2007), Defenders of Democracy Award (2009) and Harvard Humanitarian Award(2015) for his great devotion and contribution to children welfare sectors.

2.  What sort of changes may occur in our society if’save the childhood’like movement led by Kailash satyarthi is conducted in our society? Write any four points.

Ans:- If ‘save the childhood like movement led by Kailash satyarthi is conducted in our country, the following changes may occur in our society:

i)  Children need not to work in this condition.

ii)  Child labour and exploitation could be ended.

iii)  Children can get their right and education.

iv)  Society can be free of one more social problem, child labour and exploitation.

3.  Read the given short biography about Malala Yousafzai who was awarded the Nobel peace prize with Kailash satyarthi and mention how she could become the Nobel peace prize winner at a very young age.

Ans:- Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan. The condition of women is regards to education and freedom was very pathetic in her community. So she became an advocate for girl’s education. For advocacy to girl’s education, the terrorist group Taliban of her community issued a death threat against her as she raised voice against injustice of Taliwan in BBC. On October 9th, 2012 a gunman shot Malala when she was returning home from school but she survived and she continued to speak out on a women education and right in Islamic countries. For her great effort to women education, right and freedom, she becomes the Nobel peace prize winner at a very young age.

4.  What lesson did you get from the biography of Martin Luther king? Write.

Ans:- Martin Luther king was human right activist, born on 15th January, 1929 AD. He had protested against the discrimination of American government to black people. We can learn the following lesson from the biography of Martin Luther king:

i)  We have to raise the voice for freedom, rights and justice.

ii)  We should not follow war and violence, rather than it, we should contribute for peace, justice and security.

iii)  We should not discriminate on the basis of race, cast, sex, occupation, color, class, community, political ideology etc.

iv)  We should be involved in eradicating social evils, bad customs and problems.

5.  What is the contribution of Kailash satyarthi to the world?

Ans:- The contribution of Kailash satyarthi to the world are as follows:-

i)  He rescued the child labour and slaves through save the childhood movement and developed a successful model for their education and rehabilitation.

ii)  Due to his work and initiation against child labour, ILO directed the government of the world to end the child labour.

iii)  He has highlighted child labour as a human right issue as well as a welfare matter and charitable cause.

iv)  He has help enactment and adoption of national and international legislations, treaties and conventions as well as the constitutional amendment on child labour and education.

6.  How should we respect the international personalities? Write in four points.

Ans:- International personalities are the great persons who have made contribution for the world and humankind. They work and experiences become the inspiration and encouragement for other people. So, we should respect the international personalities in the following ways:-

i)  We should headlight and publicize the contribution of such person in the world.

ii)  We should encourage the other people to follow the guideline shown by them.

iii)  They should be awarded with respect.

iv)  We can construct several infrastructures in the name of international personalities as a tribute to their great work and effort.

Unit-3, Lesson-7 Universal Brotherhood

Universal Brotherhood

A.  Very short answer questions

1.  What is universal brotherhood?

Ans:- universal brotherhood is a concept of thinking the whole world as our own family.

2.  Prepare a slogan showing the importance of brotherhood.

Ans:- A slogans showing the importance of brother hood is given below:

Let’s maintain brotherhood.We all should have common mood.

3.  What does “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” mean?

Ans:- “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” means all the people living on the earth are brothers and sisters.

B.  Short answer questions.

1.  What should we do to maintain universal brotherhood? Write any six ways.

Ans:- brotherhood is a feeling that we should treat one another like brother. It is also a concept of thinking the whole world as our own family. Universal Brotherhood can be maintained in the following ways:-

i)  Everyone should have the feeling that the world is common shelter and should not disturb the life system of other creature.

ii)  Everyone should raise above the boundary of caste, religion, language and the nation.

iii)  Everyone should leave egoism and work for the prosperity and happy life.

iv)  Everyone should practically implement sympathy and occupation in behavior.

v)  Initiation of dialogue, acceptance of diversity, awareness of spiritually and purity of character can make family and maintain universal brotherhood.

vi)  Everyone should treat other like friends, brothers, sisters or relatives.

2.  Why is the importance of universal brotherhood increasing day by day?

Ans:- The importance of universal brotherhood is increasing day by day because of following reasons:

i)  To increase the feeling of religious tolerance.

ii)  To maintain peace and security in the world.

iii)  To promote empathy, co-operation, mutual assistance etc. in the world.

iv)  To maintain mutual understanding, relation to each other.

v)  To establish cultural and social harmony among the people.

vi)  To end the terror, fear, insurgency in the world.

3.  “Universal brotherhood is important to maintain peace in the world”. Justify this statement.

Ans:- Universal brotherhood is a feeling of fellowships and sympathy for other people. But it is decreasing in the world now a day. We can hear several anti-peace activities in the world. They are number of incidents of war, use of atomic weapons, bombarding, kidnapping, robbery, murder increasing day by day. Because of such fearful activities millions of people are compelled to live in terror and fearful situation. Many people are unable to live in their own homeland and escaping from the country and living in other country as refugee. Because of above mentioned events and incidents universal brotherhood is increasing day by day. For this, we have to maintain mutual understanding and relationship with other. There should be religious tolerance among the different religions group. Reports to maintain peace in the world should be initiated from every sector. So universal brotherhood is important to maintain peace in the world.

4.  Complete the following table.


Advantage of universal brotherhoodDisadvantage of enmity
Developed the feeling of empathy and cooperation among people.Develops the selfishness, greediness, jealousy etc. among people.
Every creature can live in peace and prosperity.The existence of creators will be risk or danger.
It helps to control war, Terror, violence, murder, discrimination etc.It increases the problems like war, terror, violence, murder, discrimination etc.
Any kind of conflict can be solved.Conflict may increase among the people and country.

Unit-3, Lesson-8 Responsibility Towards the Senior Citizens

Responsibility Towards the Senior Citizens

A.  Very short answer questions.

1.  Who are senior citizens?

Ans:- Elderly or aged person, especially one of more than 60 or 65 years of age are senior citizens.

2. How do you respect your grandparents? Write two ways

Ans:- I respect my grandparents in this ways:-

i)  Taking care

ii)  Providing services as they need.

B.  Short answer questions.

1.  “Senior Citizens are the wealth of knowledge and experience”. Justify this statement.

Ans:- Senior Citizens are the creators and founder of our society. They are also the founder of our glorious history, religion and culture. They have got unlimited experience and knowledge during their lifetime. They have already perfected in gaining knowledge. On the basis of knowledge and experience of senior citizens, today’s world has become advanced and well facilitated with the help of traditional technology developed by senior citizens. New inventions, discoveries etc. have been also made by them. Several factories and industries have been developed at present on the basis of knowledge and ideas of senior citizen. Their experiences are the roadmap and guideline for the present generation to progress. New generation should learn a lot of useful life skills from the knowledge and experiences of our senior citizens. That’s why senior citizens are the wealth of knowledge and experience.

2.  What privileges and facilities have been made for the senior citizens in our country?

Ans:- senior citizens are the wealth of social and cultural knowledge, value, belief and tradition. They should be given special attention from the government. Following are the privileges and facilities made for the senior citizens in our country:

i)  Reservation of at least two seats in the public vehicles.

ii)  Senior citizens need not to wait in queue for their works in any offices.

iii)  50% discount in fare rate in public vehicle.

iv)  Senior citizens are given allowance under the social security.

v)  Provision of free health treatment and discount in health service.

3.  What provisions have been made by the government in the constitution and law laws for the rights and benefits of senior citizens?

Ans:- Following provisions have been made by the government in the constitution and laws for the right and benefits of senior citizens:-

i)  According to senior citizens Act- 2063, the government of Nepal has made the provision of providing allowance every month.

ii)  According to ‘Rights of senior citizens’ a fundamental right, the senior citizens shall have the right to special protection and social security from the state.

iii)  According to Senior Citizen Act- 2063, no one shall detach the senior citizen from the family or compel the senior citizen to get detached from the family in in against of his or her will.

iv)  Under the same act, it is written that it shall be the duty of each family member to maintain and care for the senior citizen according to the economic status and prestige of the member.

4.  We have been hearing and reading the incidents that senior citizens are being neglected by the family members. What may be the reasons behind it? Write the measures for its solution as well.

Ans:- Senior Citizens are being neglected by the family members due to following reasons:

i)  Influence of Western lifestyle.

ii)  Financial shortage.

iii)  Wish to have nuclear family.

iv)  Ancestral distance.

Solutions of above mentioned problems are:

i)  Not to follow the western culture and act the behavior according to own native culture, norms and value.

ii)  Spend the leisure time with senior citizens of the family regardless of busy time schedule.

iii)  Children should be taught the good culture to show the positive attitude and feeling towards senior citizens.

iv)  Timely take care of the senior citizen even if sons and daughters are far away in course of their jobs or duty.

v)  Senior citizen should be help financially, morally and culturally as they have no income sources.

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