Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 7 Migration Exercise

Class 8 English Book solution Nepal Unit 7 Migration Exercise complete exercises is provided in this post. Here you can download pdf of chapters for offline viewing too. You don’t have to face the hassle of finding right course curriculum. For Download link Subscribe blog and fb page.

Migration Exercise

A. The words for these meanings are hidden in the grid below. Find the words. The words are either vertical or horizontal.

a. a place to which somebody is going- destination

b. what you intend or plan to do; your aim- intention

c. to fill or spread over an area quickly, especially in large numbers- overrun

d. disadvantages- drawbacks

e. an unexpected event, such as a very bad accident, a flood, etc.- disaster

f. chance – an opportunity

g. to force somebody to do something- drive

B. Answer these questions.

a. Who are called tourists?

Tourists are people who visit a new place for a short period of time.

b. Why do people move from one place to another?

People move from one place to another for various reasons, including seeking better opportunities for employment, shelter, higher wages, facilities, and better working conditions. They may also move due to political reasons, conflicts, or natural disasters.

c. List any two push factors for migration.

Two push factors for migration:

– Economic, social or political issues

– Natural disasters

d. When does it become difficult for migrants to find a job?

It becomes difficult for migrants to find a job when a place is overcrowded with migrants, leading to increased competition and potentially lower wages.

e. List any two benefits of migration to the place of destination.

– Economics opportunities

– Boost of productivity and innovation

D. Many Nepalis are migrating to other countries for different purposes. Discuss its positive and negative effects with your partner.

Both good and bad impacts result from Nepalese individuals moving abroad. On the one side, it provides economic possibilities that result in greater quality of life through better-paying jobs. The economy of the nation is also boosted by remittances sent home. Migration, however, may result in a loss of qualified workers and present social and cultural difficulties for newcomers. Another important factor that has an impact on people left behind is family separation. It is critical to strike a balance between these benefits and drawbacks, calling for support structures to maximize the advantages while resolving the difficulties posed by migration.

Grammar II

B. Use the verbs in the brackets to write the sentences in future perfect.

a. I …will not have finished.…(not/finish) the game by 6 0’clock.

b. My mother …will..have..grown... (grow) 1000 tulips by the end of the month.

c. The mechanic ..will..have…mended... (mend) my bicycle by tomorrow.

d. The shop ….will..have..closed….(close) by 8 0’clock.

e. The programme ….will..have..finished…(finish) by 4 p.m.

f. I ...will not have been…. (not/be) here by Friday.

g. My father …..will..have..ironed..… (iron) the clothes by the evening.

h. Madhu …will..have..left….(leave) before her parents reach home.

i. The painters ….will have completed…(complete) their work by next week.

j. I ….will have saved…..(save) enough money to buy a bicycle by the end of the year.

C. Put the verbs in the brackets into future simple or future perfect.

a. Scientists …will…have…found.…(find) a cure for AIDS in twenty years period.

b. Perhaps, she ..will.come... (come) for lunch tonight.

c. She is writing a book. She ….will have finished.… (finish) the book by next month.

d. Wait a minute. I ….will…drop….(drop) you at the station.

e. There’s no need to hurry now. The bus…will have left... (leave) by the time we get to the stop.

f. Someone is knocking at the door. the door, please?

g. ….Will.….they…complete...(complete) the project in time?

h. ….Will…they …have completed… (complete) the project by the deadline?

i. If they don’t work hard, they….will…not..pass….(not/pass) their exam.

j. They are decorating the room. In two hours’ time, they …will…have…finished… (finish) doing it.

A. Punctuate the following paragraph.

Nitin is one of the most laid-back students I know. He is tall and slim, with black hair. He always wears a shirt and black jeans. His jeans have holes in them, and his baseball boots are scruffy too. He usually sits at the back of the class, and he often seems to be asleep. However, he always gets an A when the exam results are given out. I don’t think he is as lazy as he appears to be.

B. Write a couple of paragraphs on Environment. Address the following questions.

a. What is the environment?

b. What is its importance?

c. What are the causes of environmental degradation?

d. How can we protect the environment?Environment

The environment is everything that surrounds us, including the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we walk on, and the plants and animals that live around us. It is like a big home for all living things. The environment is important because it gives us everything we need to live. It provides us with clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and healthy food to eat. It is also home to many different plants and animals, and they all play an important role in keeping our planet balanced and beautiful. We need to take care of the environment so that it can continue to provide for us and future generations.

Unfortunately, the environment can be harmed by different things. Pollution, cutting down too many trees, and throwing away too much waste can damage the environment. These are called causes of environmental degradation. When we pollute the air, water, or soil, it can make people and animals sick. Cutting down trees too quickly can harm wildlife and cause problems like soil erosion.

But we can all do something to protect the environment. We can reduce pollution by using less plastic and recycling things we no longer need. We can also save energy and water by turning off lights when we don’t need them and taking shorter showers. Planting trees and taking care of plants and animals in our surroundings are also ways to help protect the environment. By doing these things, we can make sure that our environment stays healthy and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

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